Management Services

Tenant Communication

We handle all tenant relations, including tenant notices and evictions. We have a formal channel for tenants to voice any concerns or issues, so that we can address them immediately and thoroughly.


We make sure our clients are renting only to highly qualified tenants through our extensive screening process. Once a client approves a tenant, we negotiate lease terms with the prospective tenant. Time is money, so we utilize professional marketing tools in order to minimize vacancies and increase profits.

Rental Collection

While we are always ensuring tenant satisfaction, we are very strict about rent collections. Rents are due on the first of the month, and are considered late thereafter, subject to a late fee. If necessary, we will take any and all legal action to secure due payment. 

Financial Services

We make sure that your property is achieving maximum returns, and that everything is accounted for accurately. We achieve this goal by providing detailed financial statements, itemized budgeting, and thorough tracking of all receipts and payables. Clients may also track their property’s financials through our easy-to-use online portal.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Being vertically integrated, we provide our clients’ properties with the most trusted, yet inexpensive, maintenance and repair services. We respond to any and all service requests immediately. We handle city inspections and perform all ancillary work required. We are experienced in renovating and upgrading existing units, and are always available to strategize with our clients. 

To provide our clients flexibility, we do not require long-term management contracts, and we will provide additional services as requested.