Full-Service Real Estate Brokerage, Property Management and Leasing Firm based in Los Angeles.

About Us

Our mission at 365 Management Group is to assist our valued clients accomplish the best possible result with regards to their properties, in every way imaginable. For sellers, that means achieving the highest possible selling price in a timely manner. For buyers, that means purchasing their dream homes for the lowest possible purchase price, while minimizing the liabilities they assume post-closing.


Due to our excellent track record with our clients’ properties, we also offer leasing and management services. We know that the process of buying, selling, leasing or managing real estate can be time-consuming and sometimes burdensome, so our goal is to always make every transaction as smooth and efficient as possible for our beloved clients.

Brokerage Services

Our boutique brokerage division specializes in representing buyers and sellers of single-family homes in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding cities. At 365 Management Group, we’ve guided our clients through every step of both simple and complex transactions.

Our valuable experience in both buying and selling single-family homes on behalf of our clients has made us experts in the market. We provide a rigorous market analysis for our clients, and our relationships across the city allows us to always have a pulse on the market. We pride ourselves on being expert negotiators.

Management Services

We handle all tenant relations, including tenant notices and evictions. 

Being vertically integrated, we provide our clients’ properties with 

We make sure that your property is achieving maximum returns, and that everything...

We make sure our clients are renting only to highly qualified tenants through our

While we are always ensuring tenant satisfaction, we are very strict about rent collections. 

Leasing Services

Vacancies cost money. We will fill them for you. 

At 365 Management Group, we take pride in our leasing services. We ensure that clients are renting to highly qualified tenants through our detailed screening process. We manage the whole leasing process from marketing to move in, leaving our owners stress free!

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